The Sibaritus Packaging Merges Imagery of Ingredients and the Meal

The disconnect that can exist between prepackaged food and fresh ingredients is being combated against by a number of brands, which is evident with the Sibaritus gourmet frozen food packaging. Designed as part of a school project by Pablo Calzado, Mario Montull and María López of the Elisava Escola de Disenny school, the Sibaritus plays with imagery of the various steps of the process.

Starting with the fresh ingredients, the packaging features the items on top of a bed of ice; from here, the packaging is treated with a sleeve that reveals the finished product. This helps to create a correlation for the consumer that can often be vacant from the shopping experience. The gourmet frozen food packaging helps convey freshness and gastronomic ingredients with the use of vibrant imagery to let shoppers know right off the bat what's in store.