Uhmm's Gourmet Food Packaging Adopts Bold, Punchy Graphics & Text

 - Jan 23, 2015
References: oleumflumen & kencat
While it's common to see a lot of foie gras that's presented in a can with decadent gold detailing to imply prestige, this unassuming gourmet food packaging takes a much more relaxed approach. Rather than being branded with a name that would look beautiful printed in a scripty typeface, 'Uhmm...!' is the perfect brand name to describe being left speechless at the perfect combination of foie gras and premium virgin extra olive oil.

For use, this decadent pairing is suggested to be eaten as an appetizer, with entrées, salads. Since the controversial foie gras is revered as a delicacy, this simple approach to branding sits back and lets the product speak for itself. Instead of even giving a hint at what the product looks like, this mysterious can boasts confidence as far as what's on the inside.