GoodFloss is Good For the Environment And Your Teeth

 - May 5, 2015
References: thegoodwellcompany & gizmag
GoodFloss is a line of biodegradable flossing harps that are portable, convenient, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly.

The harps are hinged at the handle to make it easier to use to reach more inaccessible areas of the mouth. A toothpick is conveniently situated in the handle in order to provide an extra weapon to your oral hygiene arsenal. The harps are joined together in groups of four that are roughly the size and shape of a credit card, making them easy to pop inside your wallet for daily use or when you're away or traveling.

In addition to the convenience of use, these flossing harps are also good for the environment as they are made of a compostable mix of biodegradable materials.

Good for your oral health and the health of the surrounding environment, GoodFloss is a great all-round choice.