Gender Equality: Topless Women In Swimming Pools In Denmark

 - Apr 25, 2008
Denmark is known for being liberal towards sex and on the forefront when it comes to gender equality (remember the Danish couple by the Colorado River in "Into the Wild"?). After a group of young girls went topless in a swimming pool in down town Copenhagen last year to protest the "pornification" of the female body, a comity of officials got the assignment to see if it should be allowed. The girls' point was that breast were just a natural part of the female body and should not be treated as anything that should be hidden.

The comity has now recommended that women will be allowed to be topless in swimming pools in Copenhagen. At first they considered to allow it only at certain hours so that those who didn't want to see topless women could avoid it, but concluded that those hours were likely to attract men who were coming more for the view than the water. So the recommendation is to allow it at all time to cause the least disturbance.

It is still not clear when or if the politicians will actually change the rules.