Capri Sun Fruit Refreshers are Made with a Blend of Fruit Juice & Water

 - Dec 12, 2017
References: parentsprisun & bevnet
Facing increasing competition from all-natural beverage brands, Capri Sun has debuted a new line of drinks called Fruit Refreshers that are made with no added sugar. As Melanie Huet, Vice President for Capri Sun, explains, "Many parents are looking for natural ingredients and less sugar in their kids’ diets, which is why we’re introducing four products made with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar."

The Capri Sun Fruit Refreshers are a lineup of refreshing drinks made from a blend of 50% fruit juice and 50% filtered water. The drinks are made from all-natural ingredients and contain no added sugar, meaning they have 50% less sugar than the average leading fruit juices. In total, each six ounce serving boasts 10 grams of sugar.

Available in kid-friendly flavors such as Awesomely Apple and Very Berry Punch, the new juices demonstrate the growing push for less sugar in drinks targeted towards children.