Nanna's Sells Chopped Frozen Avocados by the Bag

 - Feb 4, 2016
In addition to selling a range of frozen fruit and berries in bags, Nanna's sets itself apart by offering bags of frozen avocados.

While this seems like a simple idea, it comes at a time where many consumers are focused on creating healthy homemade foods, including smoothies from scratch. With these frozen avocado pieces, it's easy to add a few pieces to a beverage as a healthy source of the good fats.

As an alternative to buying whole avocados, this product from Nanna's is extremely convenient. Often, it can take days for avocados to become soft enough to eat, and even then, it's unclear if they'll be bruised on the inside or already overripe. With these bags of freshly frozen avocado pieces, all the guesswork with buying avocados is removed.