The Frog Prince Lipstick Changes to Suit Different Complexions

 - Mar 30, 2016
References: lipstickqueen & psfk
The Frog Prince lipstick by the Australian beauty brand Lipstick Queen is a shape-shifting product designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers. When shopping for lipstick, one of the biggest problems women face is finding a shade that complements their skin tone. This product takes the guesswork out of the equation by automatically adjusting to the wearer's complexion.

The Frog Prince lipstick comes in an unusual green shade that looks more like a science experiment than a beauty product. However, once applied, the green stain transforms into a pink hue that perfectly matches the wearer's complexion. The lipstick is able to change color due to an ingredient called chameleon, which is sensitive to pH, light and moisture. This means that the lipstick with react to each individual's body chemistry in a different way, thereby creating a custom lip stain.