Italy's Feva Ristorante Serves Its Ozone Gas-Infused 'Aria Fritta' for Free

 - Feb 28, 2019
References: & vegnews
Feva Ristorante, a fine dining restaurant in Italy, serves guests its 'Aria Fritta' ("Fried Air") appetizer for free as a means of inspiring conversation. The unique dish created by Michelin-starred chef Nicola Dinato involves boiling, baking and then deep-frying tapioca skin before it is infused with low concentrations of O3, also known as ozone gas. In all, the unconventional appetizer is said to "create a sensation that mimics taking a breath of fresh air."

The restaurants' fried air dish is seasoned with blue salt and served on a bed of cotton candy and served alongside vegan white sesame seed mayonnaise for dipping.

The making of the thought-provoking dish was inspired by the saying that someone is "full of hot air." According to restaurant manager Leonardo Romanello, "In this particular moment in history, we wanted to send a message to our guests, transforming this expression into something of gastronomic value."