Fly Gum is Packed with Caffeine and Vitamins

 - Nov 12, 2018
References: foodbev
Supplements have become quite popular with consumers seeking ways to avoid certain unpleasant life experiences, which is what Fly Gum aims to help do.

The gum is sugar-free, sweetened with xylitol and features a liquid core that is packed with both caffeine and B vitamins that will help the chewer to stave off the negative effects of jet lag. The gum is reported to have a pleasant, refreshing taste profile that isn't changed by the caffeine and vitamins in the mix to make it a must-have for avid travelers.

Speaking on the new chewing gum, Apollo Brands CEO and Founder, Troy Widgery, said, "Our team often travels internationally to events and chewing Fly Gum upon landing really helps our energy and focus. Every traveller wants to beat jet lag, get the most out of adventure travel, or be sharp and focused for business."