The FirstKind Geko Device Reduces Clotting

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: gekodevices & springwise
Blood clotting, especially in the lower leg commonly identified as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in North America and Europe; however, the FirstKind ‘Geko’ device has been created to ease blood flow in the lower leg, also the targeted part of the body for DVT. The product resembles a wrist-watch and can be applied within a minute and will work to stimulate blood in the region to avoid risks of clotting.

The design and application of the FirstKind Geko device allows users to continue upon their daily lifestyles as if the product isn’t there. It is self-adhesive and sits behind the knee not obscuring any movement the average patient will exhibit. It will lose charge after approximately 24 hours of use and can be thrown away safely as well.

Geko has presented a positive attempt towards reducing blood clotting in potential DVT patients and has made it accessible and applicable to home users. Further development of this device can help erase the discomfort associated with contracting DVT in the future.