Karolina Mika's Fashion Tags Express the Movement of Dance

 - Apr 22, 2015
References: behance.net
Just as an art performance has many layers, so do the fashion tags on clothing designs by Karolina Mika.

As a fashion designer, choreographer and dancer, the basis of Karolina Mika's brand is all about making sure dancers can move freely in what they wear. Nature and simplicity are two elements that are a large part of her brand identity, emphasized with clean lines, shapes and an achromatic scheme.

The illustrations that make up the Karolina Mika logo, fashion tags, business cards and product packaging are made up of lines that mimic the dynamic shapes created by a dancer. In direct contrast to the sharpness of the graphic black lines, clothing comes wrapped in a delicate transparent paper that provides a peek at the costume inside, like the way a curtain is pulled back before a performance.