Marks & Spencer is Adding Extra Fiber to All of Its Bread Products

 - Aug 19, 2016
References: bakeryandsnacks
The British supermarket chain Marks & Spencer recently revamped its entire line of bread products by adding extra fiber to the recipes. For many boomers and aging consumers, fiber is a primary nutritional concern. This new range of fiber-rich breads caters to those who are increasingly concerned about their nutritional intake.

While Marks & Spencer previously fortified its bread with vitamin D, now the retailer has begun adding extra fiber in order to accommodate the needs of an aging population. As a result, all of the store's bread products -- including its standard white bread -- contain at least three grams of fiber per 100 gram serving. As the store's product developer Jenny Galletly explains, "The days of the simple white loaf are numbered, we're now adding fiber to all our bread to make a healthier bread for all the family."

Marks & Spencer's bread recipe overhaul demonstrates that high-fiber foods are becoming the go-to option for aging consumers.