This Experimental Drink Puts a Twist on the Barrel-Aged Cocktail

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: trifectapdx & coolhunting
Oregon's 'Trifecta Tavern' is now serving an experimental drink that contains charred wood. In recent years, barrel-aged cocktails have become a staple at many high-end bars. This wood-fired cocktail manages to deliver a similar taste without the need to carry out the lengthy barrel-aging process.

The new wood-fired cocktail was designed by bar manager Colin Carroll. In order to sidestep the barrel-aging process, Carroll chars pieces of wood in the tavern's wood-fired oven. He then places the cocktails in the restaurant's sous vide alongside the charred wood. The mixture is heated for as much as 18 hours at a temperature that falls just below alcohol's evaporation point. The process gives the drink a rich and full flavor that is similar to that of a barrel-aged cocktail.

The experimental drink demonstrates how old and new technology can be combined to deliver a unique drinking experience.