Each Character in This Event Promo Vid Represents a Component of Design

 - Jul 4, 2013
References: fadfestt & insiderbarcelona
The third annual FADfest, which is an international design exhibition held in Barcelona this year, was introduced by a humorously peculiar event promo vid. Directed by filmmaker César Pesquera, the minute-and-half short movie tells the story of five surreal characters: Mr. Textures, Mr. Shapes, Mrs. Colours, Miss Material and Mr. Composition.

The characters of the video represent the different aspects of design that will come together at this convention. It also incorporates some humor, like when Mr. Texture steps into a bathroom stall to find geometric shapes in the toilet because Mr. Shapes forgot to flush. The romantic plot is fun, too. When Mrs. Colours meets Mr. Shapes at the festival, her multi-colored geometric head blushes into a bright red. The video flashes to a hospital nine months later, where Mrs. Colours rolls out on a wheelchair holding a baby with a colorful, geometrically-shaped head.