Anyone Can Finally Pick Einstein's Brain for Ten Dollars

 - Sep 27, 2012
There's a new meaning to the good old saying "I'd like to pick your brain," with this new app allowing you to dive deep into the ultimate mind -- Einstein's brain.

Albert Einstein's brain resided at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and was available to a few scientists who decided to take their fascination with him to the next level. Now downloadable as an iPad app for $9.99 are scans of "nearly 350 fragile and priceless slides made from slices of Einstein's brain" after his death. The precious contents of the scientist's cranium can now be viewed by professionals and children alike, so long as they have $10 in their wallet.

Thanks to a medical museum in Chicago, this open sharing of the genius brain may help to hasten new scientific discoveries and maybe even tell us why Einstein was so smart.