The e-COPA Coca-Cola Tournament Hopes to Discover the Next ESports Star

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: esportsinsider
The e-COPA Coca-Cola tournament is the newest Coca-Cola backed eSports event and will give players the chance to enter the FIFA 18 Global Series. The tournament is part of The Road to FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, and will be open to all gamers free of charge. This aspect of the Coca-Cola backed tournament is increasing accessibility in FIFA eSports and will open the competition up to a wider range of players. The e-COPA Coca-Cola tournament is already underway in France, with players competing to be one of the 24 French players in the national finals of the competition.

Before its European expansion, the e-COPA Coca Cola tournament was first tested in the United States. This version of the tournament was run with US college students and was done in partnership with EA sports. The goal of both projects is quite similar, in that the tournament is designed to discover grassroots talent within FIFA eSports.

Image Credit: Coca Cola