The Foreign Brewing Company Produced a Unique Durian Beer

 - May 24, 2018
References: vinepair & thedrinksbusiness
Craft beer often falls onto obscure flavors in an effort to stand out, but Melbourne-based Foreigner Brewing is taking it a step further with its latest brew, Durian Durian Beer. Crafted from the polarizing Southeast Asian fruit, this new beer plays heavily on the flavors of the fruit and even carries some of its pungent aromas. For those that have not experience durian, it should be noted that the smell is often compared to rotting meat and has even been banned from most hotels, airports and public transport across Southeast Asia.

Durian Durian Beer is currently available at the Foreigner Brewing bar in Melbourne and will be part of a limited release. The beer itself has been described as having a "subtly sweet and savory flavor," and is a perfect pair for the "dry spiciness of a saison-style beer."

Image Credit: Foreigner Brewing