The 'Flight Goggles' System Uses Virtual Obstacles to Train Drones

 - May 21, 2018
References: & newatlas
The thought of training systems in the realm of drones typically conjures up images of drone pilots learning how to use remote control systems to accurately control drones, but a group of scientists and engineers over at MIT have taken things to a different level by developing a high-tech drone-training system designed to directly train drones themselves.

Dubbed 'Flight Goggles,' this particular drone-training system uses VR technology to generate virtual obstacles in a given physical room. As the drone flies around, it uses its onboard motion-capture cameras to try and avoid the virtual obstacles it has been assigned, with the Flight Goggles algorithms enabling the drone to become more precise over time.

As drones start to be implemented in industries ranging from military operations to food delivery, the ability to evade obstacles has become increasingly important, and the Flight Goggles system uses VR technologies to achieve just that.