- Aug 30, 2018
Drone technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and these innovations showcase the ways these advancements may have direct impacts on our future drone interactions. Featured on this list is a noise-canceling filming drone designed as an upgrade to the iconic DJI Phantom. This upgrade, dubbed the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, features refined propellers and a tweaked motor that not only allows the drone to be silent but also enhances controls and improves flight capabilities.

Also, featured on this list is a unique interactive projector drone designed to create immersive imagery. Capable of projecting imagery in a myriad of ways, this drone is perfect for users of all ages and is compact enough to fit into small spaces of a home.

Each of these examples show significant steps in drone technology and showcase innovation in a way that improves the ways users interact with them. Drone technologies will only continue to improve as other industries make advancements, but this list is a clear indication that Drones are here to stay.

Drone Technologies are Becoming More User-Focused and Friendly: