The 'Door of Swatches' is a Lovely Rainbow Welcome to Any Space

The 'Door of Swatches' by artchitect Armin Blasbichler is a fantastically beautiful entranceway. Made using framed slides of Pantone swatches and laminated glass, which have been inserted into a wooden frame, the remarkable door is a great way to infuse some color and design into any household.

The gorgeous reflection it creates on the tiles within the house is truly beautiful. In designing your own, you could work the randomized rainbow colors angle like Blasbichler, or input your own creativity in color selection and match it to the exterior of your house, interior of your living space or any other desired style.

The smart idea would also be a neat way to use recycled materials. Recycled glass would be the perfect fit with this door and give your home a small, but appealing eco-boost.