This Ad Promotes U.S. Forest Service's 'Discover the Forest' Campaign

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: & adweek
This clever advertisement promotes the U.S. Forest Service's 'Discover the Forest' campaign. The ad encourages outdoor activity and aims to reduce high consumption of technology among youth and children.

The commercial features a bus full of children who are taken to a lush forested area. They are all given a pair of what they think are virtual reality glasses, however, the glasses have nothing high-tech about them. The children walk through a curtain and they think they have entered an alternate reality until they remove the glasses. As the children take off the VR frames, they begin to smile as they take off to run around and play -- using only their imagination.

The 'Discover the Forest' campaign ad ends with a young girl's voice that whispers, "It's closer than you think." The ad encourages kids to embrace nature and maintain a healthy balance between technological devices and the real world.