The DC Entertainment Brand Gets a Modern Facelift

The DC Entertainment brand has turned to a simpler take on the fantasy world of comic characters and their riveting stories. It seems DC Comics is going for the "well-established-within-history-heritage" logo appeal with a simple logo that emphasizes superior class rather than eccentric design.

The logo features a "peeling" effect. Thus, the D sits atop the C as if it were to completely cover it, but the top right portion of the D peels back to show the C hiding behind it. says that this represents the "duality of the iconic characters that are present within DC Entertainment’s portfolio." The new DC Entertainment brand identity has also been shown in various colors and deviations in design for these iconic characters (such as the green logo with a glowing C to represent the green lantern). These variations remind comic book fanatics that DC Comics may be a prestigious and long-standing storyteller, but they’ve still got rad designs.