David Terrazas Travel to the Heart of a Mesmerizing Asian Region

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: davidterrazasphotography & mymodernmet
Vietnam is a country that speaks loudly when it’s photographed, and its voice is strongly present in the photography of David Terrazas. He is an avid traveler who is not strange to the Asian culture as he works between Bangkok and Madrid. Terrazas’ series about Vietnam is captivating and gorgeous—the pictures truly speak for themselves.

These photos capture the daily rural life of Vietnamese people. Terrazas’ subjects are children, old man, mothers and women, all involved in their surroundings and the astonishing land. Close-ups, medium shots and long shot are the way the photographer magnificently explores the country. Shot in black and white and some in colors, this series evokes nostalgia and loneliness.   

From an early age, David Terrazas became interested in photography, and he liked to travel and visited European photo exhibitions with his father.