Bjorn Lexius Presents Shots with an Air of Sorrow

Photographer Bjorn Lexius presents a group of unknown individuals in his latest work. The mood is solemn, as Lexius brings out the angst in each of his subjects.

Through specific lighting techniques and candid angles, Bjorn Lexius knows exactly how to highlight an individuals uncertainty and melancholy emotions. However, this does not mean to say his captures disheartening. Viewers are left with a sense of curiosity about these individuals, as each one appears lost in thought concerning topics unbeknownst to both onlooker and photographer. Bjorn Lexius demonstrates his flair for capturing individuals in a candid and truthful manner, and is sure to publish even more stunning works in the future.

Implications - Many consumers in contemporary society are overwhelmed with the pressures of work and family. Companies that offer escape through both product design and advertisements will appeal to this broad base of customers, and see large returns in the future.