Marc da Cuhna Lopes Captures a Mirror World of Skeletons

 - Sep 21, 2011
References: wired & io9
Specializing in desolate, post-cataclysmic scenes, photographer Marc da Cuhna Lopes has realized yet another one of his bizarre visions in this unique photo series.

A French photographer who began by selling illustrations to science-fiction and horror writers, da Cuhna Lopes found interest in anatomic themes and organic designs. This pedigree in studying natural bodies (in a slightly grotesque light, admittedly), has led to his newest photo series, Vertebrata. Each photo in the editorial is actually a collage of two separate stills: one was taken at grim locations the photographer stumbled upon during his travels and the other is a computer-generated image superimposed on top. Marc da Cuhna is blazing a trail in the growing sub-genre of dystopian photography, and other shutterbugs would do well to pay attention.