Cyril Rolandom Captures the Shift Between Purity and Desire

This Cyril Rolando artwork is a welcome departure from the confines of the everyday and realistic. His illustrations illicit feelings of the fantastical, imaginary escapes most commonly associated with one's childlike nature or upbringing.

While the form of Rolando's art may appear soft, delicate and warm, oftentimes his images include elements of a mature nature. This balance between the childlike and adult creates an impression that fluctuates between the appeal of innocence and the inevitability of aging.

Cyril Rolando often returns to a familiar character of his, which is that of a young woman reminiscent of an angel. Instead of wings she has ornate candles on her back. Far from being provocative, the allure of the angelic figure is nonetheless undeniable. She is simultaneously enticing and chaste.