From Squid Slope Warmers to Tentacled God Balaclavas

 - Apr 17, 2013
Bizarre is a good way to describe all of these creepy Cthulhu creations. The H.P. Lovecraft monster has always been popular amongst Sci-Fi fans, but he has been given new life in the age of the Internet. For some odd reason, netizens really, really like the tentacled God, who made his first appearance in The Call of Cthulhu in 1928.

It's not odd for a monster created hundreds of years ago to still be popular in modern day pop culture; Frankenstein and Dracula are two examples of literary monsters who've achieved legendary statuses. However, it is odd that Cthulhu has become as popular as he has, given the fact that he hasn't appeared in any major films or novels. These creepy Cthulhu creations are equally as odd and includes such novelty items as ski hats, beer mugs and custom works of art.