S. Anomalous Creates Theatrical Latex Monocle Prosthetics

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: etsy & neatorama
Unless a person loves being theatrical day in and day out, the S. Anomalous collection is not suited for everyday environments. Instead, they are more suited to the stage. Dark, dramatic and ornate, S. Anomalous' monocles lend a sinister look that is at once disturbing and mesmerizing.

Designed by Kristen Phillips, an artist based in Philadelphia, United States, the S. Anomalous collection is an extension of her creature designer and FX makeup artist background. Termed 'latex monocle prosthetics,' they are like an extension of the person themselves rather than some sort of unnatural accessory. Thanks to the latex materials, the monocles are lightweight even if they look heavy.

Symbolizing Cthulhu, skulls, lions, mythological figures and more, the S. Anomalous collection boasts lenses that are mirrors, black opaque or even small crystal balls.