The Sad Baby Monsters Series Makes Fearsome Creatures Cute

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: comicsalliance & neatorama
Jackie Lewis is the artist behind my new favorite series of drawings, Sad Baby Monsters. Sad Baby Monsters is a series of drawings depicting some of the most feared monsters of all time as sad, little babies.

This series would have been great even if it had just depicted these fearsome creatures as babies, but it's made even greater as these babies are crying and fussing throughout the images. Lewis has managed to make such scary creatures as Cthulhu and the Chimera seem vulnerable and, dare I say it, cute. My favorite illustrations are the ones that draw from the monsters of Greek myths, such as the sad baby minotaur and the sad baby hydra. Who ever thought a minotaur or chimera could look so damn adorable?