Exo's Banana Bread Protein Bar Gets Its Power from Cricket Flour

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: exoprotein
In the tradition of all of Exo's cricket bar snacks, its new Banana Bread cricket bar is an ideal meal replacement, healthy snack or post-exercise treat.

This flavorful bar is made with a base of cricket flour, which gives the bar its protein-rich qualities. On top of this, the insect flour is combined with flavorful nuts, seeds, fruits and spices to give it the authentic taste of a freshly baked banana bread. While it might be difficult for some people to believe that a flavor could be replicated so accurately with edible insect ingredients, all of Exo's nutrient-dense bars are crafted by a chef with Michelin three-star status.

Other inventive cricket flour bar flavors from Exo include peanut butter and jelly, barbecue and curry.