The Elotes Cocidos 'Los Criminales' Corn Recipe is Authentic

 - May 31, 2016
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Located in Mazatlán, Mexico the Elotes Cocido 'Los Criminales' corn recipe is making headlines for being an extreme version of the traditional dish.

The scrumptious dish consists of a corn on the cob that's smothered in rice along with sauce, cheese and a helping of plantain chips.

Upon posting a video of the dish being made, the Elotes Cocido 'Los Criminales' corn recipe has since gone viral with the video receiving over 1.5-million views.

The Elotes Cocido 'Los Criminales' elotes shows an extension of extreme cuisine that has permeated American food culture for some time. Foodie culture is seeing individuals and brands all around the world experiment with new recipes to gain critical acclaim both locally and on social media.