Opulent Home Accents Inspired by the Sea

 - Jun 27, 2008
References: vivre
While using real coral for design is increasingly considered unethical, there's nothing taboo about using designs inspired by the marine organisms.

Plenty of designers are harnessing the beauty of unique shapes, and often also colours, of the aragonite structures, introducing new ways to bring an ocean theme to your home decor.

All the pieces featured in this gallery are available from the Vivre online store. Their Life Aquatic section has items like the Coral 5-Piece Place Setting ($675), vibrant Large Coral Reef Bowls ($430), Coral Reef Trays ($115), Wreath Candlestick Holder ($385), Coral Dinnerware ($35), Coral Branch Napkin Sets ($22) and Square Coral Chargers ($95).