This Cool Vending Machine in Japan Dispenses Fresh Crepes

 - Oct 30, 2014
References: en.rocketnews24
In Japan's Fukuoka Airport you'll find a cool vending machine that dispenses a tasty treat that's not a bag of chips or cookies—instead, the machine gives out crêpes.

This unique vending machine is stocked with a number of options, including your pick of chocolate, tiramisu, pudding, blueberry, orange or cheese crêpes. Additionally, for a higher price the machine also has a few premium options like caramel chocolate, caramel lemon and caramel melon crêpes. When you put in your coins, the machine spits back out a long glass jar, which contains a pastry wrapped in plastic, so that the treat is kept fresh and moist. If you're hankering for a dessert while you're waiting around the Fukuoka Airport, this is a quick and easy way to sate your sweet tooth.