Vingoo's Fresh Juice Vending Machine Presses Fresh Oranges on the Spot

 - Sep 10, 2014
References: vingoojuice & techinasia
Junk food is one thing that's synonymous with vending machines, but Vingoo is hoping to reverse the notion of convenience being unhealthy with its fresh juice vending machine. Rather than spouting out candy or chocolate bars, Vingoo's vending machines are stocked with whole, fresh oranges. After a customer has pressed a button to order juice, the machine instantly gets to work peeling, squeezing and pressing the juice before it is poured. In the process, there aren't any additional preservatives, sugars or added to the drinks.

The idea began as something that would be able to dispense multiple kinds of fruits, like a smoothie-making machine, but since the maintenance costs were too high, the machine now specializes in fresh pressed orange juice. Vingoo is set up in locations like malls, subways and airports, so that fresh juice is easy to come by.