The Concept Branding for Killhunger Mayo Shows Off Its Bad Side

 - Jun 12, 2014
References: svoemnenie & packagingoftheworld
As people become more weight and health-conscious, there are a lot of mayonnaise products that are being branded as healthier spreads—the concept condiment bottles for Killhunger take the opposite of this approach.

The Svoe Mnenie branding agency in Russia strongly makes its stance on low-fat mayonnaise known, stating that Killhunger is not made "for those who care about healthy food and keeping a diet. It’s mayonnaise to satisfy hunger."

On the mayo bottles, Killhunger depicts tasty crime scenes where fish, chicken and other meats have been outlined with mayo like a white chalk line. Other evidence on the crime scenes include the flavors of each mayo, including lemon, curry and chili, labelled with a strip of crime tape. On a small evidence tag, the mayo bottles unabashedly note that it contains 67% fat, playing up just how "bad" Killhunger is.