These Logos Reimagine Capitalist Companies with Communist Slogans

 - Oct 12, 2013
References: stocklogos & designtaxi
StockLogos has once again re-imagined some famous brand logos, this time recreated as communist branded logos.

While Karl Marx's principle notion of communism -- or Marxism -- was distorted somewhat by the regimes of Stalin, Mussolini and Mao Zedong, these original takes, titled 'Famous Logos in Communism,' on what huge conglomerates would look like in a communist society are hilarious. In one, the Facebook logo is re-imagined as a social networking tool for party members, with the words "Comrades" emblazoned in the Facebook typeface written above the words, "connecting party members."

In another, an Apple logo is chewed up, exposing only the core with the words, "A byte for everyone" written underneath, while another depicts a fashion brand by stating, "fcuk the rich." These tongue-in-cheek communist branded logos are, by the designers' own admission, not intended as a "serious socio-economic study on the effects of communism on capitalist brands."