The 'Hygge' Comfort Pillow Encourages Cuddling to Reduce Anxiety

 - Oct 6, 2016
References: yankodesign
The health benefits of hugging are well-known the world over, so the 'Hygge' comfort pillow is designed to deliver them on-demand if there isn't anyone around to hug.

Designed by Jaeyoung Han, the 'Hygge' pillow is capable of being worn around the neck and hugged in times of stress or worry.

If the user of the 'Hygge' pillow wants to take a nap, the pillow features hand rests on the interior compartment that enable them to snuggle even closer with it as they drift to sleep.

Consumers such as students and those that live alone are more at risk for becoming socially isolated because of work and school commitments. The 'Hygge' comfort pillow could help to effectively make alone time more focused on stress reduction rather than allowing anxiety to take hold.