Understand How Masculine Perfumes Influence Everything from Fashion to Art

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: trendreports
The men's cologne market is one worth tracking, especially if you're a professional involved in fashion, cosmetics or lifestyle. From eccentric advertisements to products that utilize eco-friendly, fair-trade ingredients, the Cologne Trend Report is filled with enough relevant information to better interpret this ever-changing market.

In the last year, we've noticed an abundance of colognes that are moving away from using synthetic ingredients. Instead, cologne brands, both large and small, are using extracts from plants, flowers and other organic materials to tap into the "green lifestyle" market. With the Cologne Trend Report, users can use our 26 PRO Trends and 230 samples of cologne research to leverage inspiration when it comes to product development, packaging, branding strategies, advertising and viral marketing.