This Coffee-Mate Creamer is Promoted with a Cafe That Bares It All

Upon entering the Natural Bliss Cafe to promote Nestlé's Coffee-Mate creamer, it's clear that there's an emphasis on everything that's all-natural and au naturel. Inside the unique pop-up shop, all of the baristas and a few people lounging in the cafe are completely in the nude, save for being covered by some artful body paint.

As well as proving how uncomfortable it is to be served something unnatural, the cafe also plays up how natural it is to be completely in the buff.

The unsuspecting people who entered the shop and got an eyeful were also treated to a cup of the Natural Bliss creamer, which is made from just four simple ingredients. As shopper marketing manager from Nestlé, Codie Richards, says: "We know that consumers want something natural in their creamer. So what better way to talk about it and make some noise?"