The Coca-Cola MusicBottle is an Inexpensive Hobby for Underprivileged Children

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: generallyandespecially
Not every child has the luxury of having a hobby, whether it's a lack of money or a lack of time that stands in his way. Here we have an interesting proposal in the form of the Coca-Cola MusicBottle that makes learning to play a musical instrument quite accessible to kids all around the world.

Whether the youngster buys the original 500mL pop himself or not, empty bottles from just about anywhere could be washed and immediately repurposed for use by children. A brand new red cap has been designed by Generally and Especially to function like the top of a recorder, complete with an ergonomic mouthpiece that looks like a whistle. The bottom part of the lid can be used to punch holes out of the empty plastic body and the label instructs the user how to play a song.