This Clever Billboard Ad for Kiwicare Slowly Kills the Weeds Around It

 - Jul 24, 2013
References: & ibelieveinadv
A clever billboard ad entitled 'Billboard Killer' by New Zealand-based ad agency Contagion advertised a herbicide by killing the weeds around itself. Aiming to promote Kiwicare's Weed Weapon, the billboard slowly destroyed nearby weeds within the span of 5 days. As people drove by everyday, they could see the demise of a giant plant wrapped around the billboard.

Contagion's ad hijacked the remnants of a previous campaign to advertise Weed Weapon. An ad previously located on the billboard used a giant beanstalk to promote the television series 'Once Upon a Time.' Contagion kept the beanstalk and slowly killed it in order to show how effective Weed Weapon is. Over 100,000 people witnessed the slow demise of the giant weed as they drove by.