Chaat's Spicy, Sweet and Savory Yogurt is Topped with Lentil Puffs

The Chaat Company prides itself on introducing a "vibrant rebellion against boring snacks" inspired by the foods served by Indian street food vendors. As such, it produces a range of boldly branded yogurt cups that embrace a blend of sweet, savory and spicy flavors that are complemented by a crunchy topping of lentil puffs.

Some of the unique flavor varieties from Chaat include cooling flavors like with cucumber and mint as well as spicy kinds like pineapple and bell pepper, as well as mango and cayenne. Chaat recently showed off its globally inspired yogurt range at the National Restaurant Association Show 2017 in Chicago.

A number of Indian-inspired snacks are being introduced to the North American market, including everything from naan chips to chicken tikka masala pockets and tamarind-flavored popcorn.