This Infographic Gives You Tips on How to Catch Some Sleep at Work

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: bitrebels
We try to stay as energetic as possible during the 9 to 5 workday, but this infographic gives you a few sneaky tips on how to catch some sleep at work.

Sure, you aren't being paid to sleep, but who's to say you can't fit in a quick nap when your work is done? The first trick is the 'Power Outage' where you sleep under your desk; if questioned, say you were checking your computer's power cord. Another is the 'Avid Reader' move, which requires a book to mask your sleepy condition. The 'Cut & Paste' needs you to paste some faux eyes onto your lids to make it seem like you're up and awake. If you're bold enough to try it, the 'New Hairdo' will surely shock your co-workers when it's time for lunch.