feel FIT WAKE-UP Protein Granola is Satiating & Energy-Boosting

Breakfast granola is a popular morning meal choice for its flavor and rich texture and 'feel FIT WAKE-UP Protein Granola' supplies consumers with a quick and easy breakfast choice that's loaded with functional benefits.

The portable breakfast cup is offered in two varieties, Oat Cocoa Tahini or Oat Flaxseeds Greek Honey, both of which create satiety with protein-enriched whole grain oats. To make on-the-go eating a breeze, the granola is made with big clusters, which also makes it ideal for snacking or enjoying over yogurt. A single cup of feel FIT WAKE-UP Protein Granola provides 15% to 20% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and Vitamin B1.

At the same time busy consumers are searching for portable breakfast solutions, they are also desirous of protein-added options that will help them meet their nutritional needs with ease.