- May 23, 2019
These whole grain innovations range from kid-friendly superfood snacks to experiential grain dinners that aim to educate foodies about the ingredients' health benefits. A recent study by Grain Farmers of Ontario found that "although 90% of Canadians found Fibre to be the most important nutrient to include their daily diet, only 65% ensure it’s included in their diet plans." As North Americans embrace more grain-free lifestyles as a dietary choice, brands are aiming to re-educate consumers about grains' various health benefits and their versatility both as a cooking and baking ingredient.

Recent whole grain innovations include examples like Grain Farmers of Ontario's Good in Every Grain Crop Up event which was hosted inside Toronto's Woodlot restaurant. The event treated visitors to a gourmet menu consisting of a starter, hearty dinner and dessert and informed diners about grains' starring role in a healthy and balanced diet plan.

Other whole grain innovations include products like the Graze Wow Bakes chocolate and sea salt bites -- a healthy, oat-based alternative to traditional brownies. The wholesome snacks let consumers indulge without guilt and contain just 100 calories per serving. Additionally, Kodiak Cakes' Graham Cracker snacks combine whole grains and honey while Quaker's Morning Go-Kits combine a classic trail mix with yogurt and an energy bar.

From Kid-Friendly Superfood Bites to Experiential Grain Dinners: