Angelic Bakehouse Offers Signature Wrap Breads With a Healthy Twist

 - Mar 22, 2019
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Angelic Bakehouse offers a selection of signature wraps that is superfood-infused and nutritious. Available in five healthy flavor varieties, these wraps are made with freshly sprouted grains and offer a low carb alternative to similar products.

The flavors offered by Angelic Bakehouse include Kale + Spinach, Sweet Potato, 7-Grain, Reduced Sodium and Beet wrap varieties that are all free from added fillers and preservatives.

Believing that "health and taste should live in harmony," Angelic Bakehouse aims to encourage healthy eating habits among its consumers with a simple wellness approach that takes the guesswork out of one's diet. The brand's healthy wraps are sold in packs of six, are priced at $4.49 per pack and are non-GMO and certified kosher.