Bravo Loncheria in Mexico City is Inspired by Torta Stands

 - May 25, 2016
References: facebook
Bravo Loncheria is a buzzworthy Mexico City eatery inspired by the city's classic torta stands. Serving up a variety of tortas on house-made bolillo rolls, Bravo Loncheria boasts a contemporary-industrial vibe that lends itself to a communal, laid back atmosphere that encourages interaction between guests.

Enticing tortas available for order at Bravo Loncheria include a pambazo with grilled octopus and a braised chicken pipian with pickled red onions. The eclectic environment is also ideal for relaxing and enjoying a mug of Mexican beer.

As the culinary scene in Mexico City continues to flourish, the city is seeing an emergence of ultramodern concepts that see traditional Mexican recipes married with design-led, community-driven dining concepts. Located on Rio Sena, Bravo Loncheria is a must check out in Mexico City.