The 'Blitzen' Beverage Coolers Chill Libations While You Drive

 - Dec 18, 2017
References: deeplocal & coolmaterial
Picking up a bottle of wine or beer before heading to a party is a commonplace task but often means that the libation will be warm once you get there, so the 'Blitzen' beverage coolers have been designed to aid in the cooling process.

The 'Blitzen' works by being affixed onto the roof of your car and going to work to chill off the bottle as you drive in winter weather. This eliminates the need to stick the bottle in the freezer or fridge when you arrive to have it drinkable immediately.

The 'Blitzen' beverage coolers attach onto the roof of your vehicle using 100 pound magnets that will stay in place no matter what and ensure they're safe for use on any car.