Armida Ascano Reveals the Best Personality Tests for the Digital Age

 - Feb 22, 2013
Designers have updated the best personality tests to include fonts and social media as ways to provide insight into your character.

Do you find yourself gravitating towards one particular typeface? The Typocalypse series outlines what subliminal messages you’re sending by using a particular font. According to Lars Willem Veldkamp, Helvetica is sending the message that you are a conformist and Comic Sans means that you are playing God.

If you want to find out more about your personality, try checking your Facebook (not that you don’t already). Are you always refreshing your newsfeed wanting to be the first to like or comment on a post? Then you are what Soap Agency calls The Firsty.

Everyone uses social media differently and designers are using this as a fun way for you to take the best personality tests.