Bajamar is a Craft Beer Brand That Offers Refreshing Brews

 - Mar 15, 2018
References: thedieline
The Ecuadorian craft beer brand Bajamar enlisted the creative agency SHIFT to design the packaging for its collection of brews.

The beers feature bold labeling in vivid colors that are highly reminiscent of the summer season, featuring vibrant blues, reds and lime greens. The bottles themselves are dark in color and come in short, chubby designs that allow them to stand out for their shape alone. The labeling is minimal, with the products colors doing most of the work in representing the brand's identity, while the beers themselves include an American Pale Ale, and a Lager.

The Bajamar brand, seeking to merge artisanal quality with mainstream production, has been able to do so with its vivid, eye-catching aesthetics.